Photography holds a very special place in my heart because it truly has formed a piece of who I am. I'd take photos of everything with my mom's point and shoot, getting so giddy with excitement over a picture of a leaf. I still have that same genuine excitement when I take photos today. I grew up drawing alongside my dad, sketching for hours and teaching myself new ways to improve. Photography became this new and exciting art form, seeing each photo like a painting. The way the light hits your face, the movement in your dress, the slight touch between hands. To create something so beautiful and timeless is an honor.

I became a momma back in 2020, right as the pandemic began. Noah was born March 5th. My whole world changed, all of a sudden nothing mattered like he did. The following year his sister, Violet, was born. They're 15 months apart- it's been a long two years! My husband, Geoffrey, has been my rock through everything. He's my biggest supporter, always rooting me on when I feel discouraged. My family is everything to me, How lucky I am to be loved by them. 

behind the camera 

my why.

my why.

My loves- Geoffrey, Violet, and Noah.

real moments


gorgeous florals